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Trust me, I don’t have a conscience, again

The Obama administration has released their new conscience regulations from the Health and Human Services dept. See this Adobe, pdf:

There is now no protection for doctors who won’t council abortion, who refuse to prescribe contraception (including post-coital “contraception”) or those who don’t wish to perform fertility treatments for “certain groups of people.”

Of course, they say there never was any conscience protection for these, due to the skewed viewpoint and new definitions of “pregnancy” and “contraception,” and the idea that single mothers should be able to enlist technology in order to become pregnant.

(and don’t forget that 46% of doctors support euthanasia https://lifeethics.org/2010/11/24/46-of-doctors-believe-in-euthanasia/ If they can kill you, what limits should they have?)

More on the history of this controversy, here https://lifeethics.org/2009/02/27/obama-moves-to-overturn-conscience-rules/ and the old blog (you probably can’t comment) goes into even more depth here http://www.lifeethics.org/www.lifeethics.org/2009/01/acog-abort-or-refer.html


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2 thoughts on “Trust me, I don’t have a conscience, again

  1. Thank you for posting this. I found this out from a Catholic nurse/doctor’s wife in Texas who does not prescribe contraception and now has no protection for his beliefs. This is something that the news media surely doesn’t report! I was Googling to find a reference to tell my friends instead of just relying on the hearsay. You were one of the few (if not only) site that had reported this.

    Posted by April | April 5, 2011, 12:30 pm


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