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>Parental Notification for Abortion Decreases STD risk

>Instinctively, I believe that many of us knew this. However, now we have documentation to point to.

The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization Advance Access published an article online by Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann on September 4, 2007 , entitled, Abortion Access and Risky Sex Among Teens: Parental Involvement Laws and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Laws requiring minors to seek parental consent or to notify a parent prior to obtaining an abortion raise the cost of risky sex for teenagers. Assuming choices to engage in risky sex are made rationally, parental involvement laws should lead to less risky sex among teens, either because of a reduction of sexual activity altogether or because teens will be more fastidious in the use of birth control ex ante. Using gonorrhea rates among older women to control for unobserved heterogeneity across states, our results indicate that the enactment of parental involvement laws significantly reduces risky sexual activity among teenage girls. We estimate reductions in gonorrhea rates of 20% for Hispanics and 12% for whites. Although we find a relatively small reduction in rates for black girls, it is not statistically significant. We speculate that the racial heterogeneity has to do with differences in family structure across races.

The authors use CDC data, correlated with the time that State laws went into effect, and cross-referenced with gonorrhea diagnosed in the States among adult women.

The gonorrhea rates decrease in both boys and girls in those states that have parental notification laws.

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One thought on “>Parental Notification for Abortion Decreases STD risk

  1. >Of course, the people who object to fewer teen girls contracting gonorrhea are all in pink t-shirts addressing the Aurora City Council.

    Posted by GrannyGrump | September 14, 2007, 2:55 pm

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