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>Myths on Myths about stem cells

>There’s a new Public Broadcasting System (your tax dollars at work) television show on “stem cells,” “Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita.” You don’t have to go any farther than the top of the home page, with its picture of a girl in a wheelchair and this quote, “Some people consider stem cell biology to … Continue reading

>Wash this reactionary’s mouth out with soap!

> compares the Bush administration’s happiness about reprogrammed adult stem cells with that man, Mr. Clinton’s, “I did not have sex with that woman!” and President Bush’s statement “Mission accomplished,” after our US troops captured Baghdad. I’ll accept the latter (at some future date, if the evidence supports it), but the first is at least … Continue reading

>More Questions on Embryonic Stem Cells

>Lydia asked about my comments on embryonic-like cells derived from umbilical cord blood. Umbilical cord blood itself appears to be at least multipotent. However, Texan and British researchers worked with NASA to produce “embryonic-like” stem cells by manipulating them with filters and a special centrifuge. Here’s my post from August, 2005 on those cells. And … Continue reading

“George Bush and the Catholic Church hold us in thrall”

That’s what Terry over at the Womens Bioethics Project Blog says. Terry has a big problem with the breakthrough in stem cell research that so many of us are thrilled with, and says, It is amazing to see how the Catholic Church and George Bush can hold us all in thrall regarding human embryonic stem … Continue reading

>Bioethics on the Ballot

>Texas approved Billions in bond debt, some $3 Billion of which will fund the new Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. There is already private funding of embryonic and fetal tissue research in Texas already.(See this report on the Brown Institute in Houston.) While Texas is a leader in ethical stem cell research and … Continue reading

>Small Town Hospital Collects Cord Blood for Texas Public Banks

>I was so happy to hear that my local hospital is now one of the hospitals that collects cord blood for the public banks. The cells from cord blood are rich in adult stem cells that can be used to replace the bone marrow of children with blood disorders and for treatment of all sorts … Continue reading

>Type I diabetes and cord blood

>Researchers at the University of Florida have treated children, aged 2 to 7, with infusions of their own stored cord blood, with some improvement in insulin production and control of blood sugar. No one knows the exact mechanism that causes the disease we know as Juvenile or Type I Diabetes Melitus (DMI), but it is … Continue reading

Hiatus (Over, I hope)

I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been lobbying and working, instead. Whether in Austin or at work, my access to the blog is spotty. And I worried that anything I wrote might get in the way of some bills we were fighting for. Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is self-destructing and virtually none of the pro-life, … Continue reading

Billions and Billions of stem cells (or ACT kills more mice needlessly)

Once again, ACT is hyping research that duplicates work already done using non-embryonic stem cell research. The only thing new is the possibility that they have come up with a way to make “Billions” of the plastic cells. Ok, maybe we learned something from Advanced Cell Technology’s Robert Lanza’s latest human embryonic stem cell report … Continue reading

>"Sneaky" Texas Legislator

>Perhaps this article, written by an Associated Press writer, should be receive the Yellow Brick Award. (Should I put “copyrighted” here? No, there’s others, although most – like the award for finishing the obstacle course at Quantico – are awards for achieving the impossible, not for misdirection.) Someone is practicing distraction and projection by calling … Continue reading

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