No Debate, No Amendments on Embryonic Stem Cell Bill

From the Sun Chronicle

Democrats have an agenda for the first 100 hours of the new session that includes ethics reform, a higher minimum wage, more stem cell research and lower student loan costs.

Those bills are being debated under what is called a closed rule, under which no amendments are allowed.

They are being proposed directly from the Democratic leadership, without the benefit of committee hearings.

We must call our Representatives and our Senators about the Castle-DeGette Bill, HR 3 and S 5.

We keep saying, “There is no ‘ban.’ There’s already taxpayer funding for both ethical stem cells and for the few stem cell lines that the President authorized (after the Clinton administration made the commitment to buy them).

We can talk and write and blog all week on the stem cells from amniotic fluid, umbilical cords, the placenta and in the target organs themselves. We can discuss “niches” and local environments, factors and markers.

Very little of this positive talk about ethical stem cell research is being heard.

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