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>"It’s a matter of taste."

> has posted a YouTube video from the Ali G show with Dr. Edmund Pelligrino (identified as from “Georgetown University, Papal Advisor Medical Ethics”), Richard Fischer (“American Institute of Homeopathy), Dr. John Freeman (“Johns Hopkins Medical School”) and Louis Brescht (“Catholic Medical Association”). The segment can also be viewed here, identified as “Ali G – Medical Ethics.”

For more information, you may want to read this article at the American Enterprise Institute that explains how one man escaped the same fate.

I’m incredibly impressed with the way the men who find themselves in an obviously ridiculous position behaved. No one was angry, no one was condescending, and they seem to be trying to teach, almost kind.

Now, I have to figure out whether my posting all this information about the circumstances as well as the links makes me as gullible as the men that were fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen. Especially since I have to admit that, although I thought I recognized the interviewer as the same man who plays “Barat,” but know I didn’t have a clue who “Ali G” was until I googled the name.

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