Planned Parenthood's "Free EC Days" (for men and girls)

Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas, Memphis, TN and Williston, Vermont, and probably a town or city near you, will host a Free EC (Emergency Contraceptive) day next week. (Waco on Dec. 8, Memphis and Williston Dec. 8. More sites can be found by searching Google or Yahoo for “Free EC Days” – including information from MySpace PP pages, and information on previous “Free EC” days before the med when over the counter.)

The Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood notice states:

We can provide EC to girls and women of any age and to men 18 or older. (emphasis mine)

The Waco Herald-Tribune

The event, billed as Free EC Day, is something Planned Parenthood affiliates are doing across the nation, said Pat Stone, education director for the local affiliate.

In general, it’s meant to raise awareness about emergency contraception.

But more specifically, it’s to remind women that the medication is now available without a prescription for people ages 18 and older.

. . .
That’s where Planned Parenthood’s event comes in, Stone said. The idea is that making the drug available for free might nudge some women into keeping a box on hand, she said. Planned Parenthood normally sells the medication for $25, but it costs up to twice that at stores around town.

Officials also are hoping the event will help remove any of the taboo or intimidation factor surrounding the medication or sexual health in general, Stone said.
Officials also are hoping the event will help remove any of the taboo or intimidation factor surrounding the medication or sexual health in general, Stone said.

For some women, all it takes is an initial visit to a health care provider for them to begin taking control of their sexual health, she said.

That’s why in addition to giving the drug away for free, Planned Parenthood officials also will be giving tours of their facility and handing out a price list for services, Stone said.

She added that men are welcome at the event and that it will be a come-and-go process to accommodate people who may have to stop by before or after work or during their lunch breaks.
(emphasis mine)

I’m very concerned that that Plan B is being given to minor girls, but especially about the promotion to men. This is the first time that hormonal contraceptives intended for women have been available to men without concern or knowledge of the women or girls who will be taking the medicine. How can there possibly be education or informed consent in the giveaways and over-the-counter sales in pharmacies, for the girl or woman who will be taking them. I’m concerned about the potential for abuse. Will men present the pill to the women as a reason to skip the condom? Will the women be faced with being forced to take the pill by their partners? And, since half of the partners of minor girls 15-17 years old who get pregnant are 2 or more years older than the girls, will the pill give license to child abusers?

As I’ve posted before (here and here), I don’t believe EC, used as directed, will cause the loss of any embryos – there’s good evidence that it does not block implantation and that it only works, when it works, to hamper ovulation and to interfer with the sperm getting to an oocyte or egg. It only has a contraceptive effect – it only needs to work – during the 5 days or so that a woman or girl is fertile – just before and the day of ovulation.

Unfortunately, JAMA (the article is reproduced on my blog), Contraception, and the British Medical Journal, reports show that even in women and girls who are part of a study and who receive education and follow-up, there is no change in unprotected sex, Sexually Transmitted Infections or pregnancy rates.

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