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Ongoing discussion: science vs. religion

CBS’ Blogophile, Melissa P. McNamara, has summarized the blogosphere comments on the Beyond Belief seminar, quoting LifeEthics and other wise and level heads (grin) (even if she did misspell my name):

Religion and science are not mutually exclusive, some suggest. “If you ask me … a rational universe that is subject to measurements and study that yield consistant and ever sharper, more focused results in different labs and at different times does not preclude a Creator,” Beverly Nuchols (sic)at LifeEthics writes.

Thanks for the pings, Ms. McNamara!

The conversation about science vs. religion is ongoing (along with the promotion of books) at Jewcy ( 4 day debate between Dennis Prager and Sam Harris on “Why are atheists so angry?” that continues in the comments, at Vox Populi (in several posts around November 27), Richard Dawkin’s site (virtually all the posts – actually a good site for reading the op eds and articles around the Web dealing with this subject), BlogCritics and at The Edge (again, virtually all of the site – very high level discourse).

You can watch highlights or the entire conference at TSN, The Science Network.

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