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Genocidal elitist honored by the Texas Academy of Science

Recently, this blog mentioned the advocacy of  “death with dignity” for all humans who desire the help of physicians and modern medicine in their quest for self-induced death. But, there’s a worse ethical position, one I thought had died out (excuse the pun).

Eric Pianka, Ph.D, a tenured professor in the Integrative Biology department of the University of Texas (Austin) has advocated – and described in far too much detail – the deliberate and intentional killing of at least 9 out of 10 of the humans alive today. The report comes from a reliable witness, Forrest M. Mims III. Mr. Mims is Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science, and the editor of The Citizen Scientist.

This is another case of what I called in that earlier post, “elitists who don’t follow their own advice. Possibly because they really do not believe that anything is better, after suicide or any other kind of death.”

In this case, if the “scientist” followed his own advice – or induces one of his impressionable followers to do so – however, he would set off a random killing of billions of our fellow human beings. For the leadership of the Texas Academy of Science to follow through with their award to this man on the day of his irresponsible speech does not impress me with either the intelligence, competence or responsibility of that organization.

Humans are the only species which discuss or act on moral ideas. We are the only protection men like Pianka – or our children of tomorrow – have. Does anyone believe that the remnant of humans who survived a world wide holocaust such as the one Pianka proposes would govern by democracy or representative democracy? Would they preserve the right to life and liberty, much less free speech?

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