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Bloggers on “Loaded Lanquage”

The blogger, Nick Anthis, a graduate of Texas A&M and a Ph.D student and Rhodes scholar currently studying at Oxford, occasionally posts at his blog, Scientific Activist (“Reporting from the Crossroads of Science and Politics”). On his “About” page he warns us that “enemies of science” should “Beware!” As part of his campaign against his … Continue reading

>Progressives vs. Conservatives (rubber, glue)

>What did I tell you? I forgot to tell you what the “Progressives” fuss was about and to link to the actual articles. Which meant that I didn’t review the actual critiques of the report by the President’s Domestic Policy Council (covered here, last week). Jonathan Moreno and Sam Berger of the Center for American … Continue reading

>Biased bioethicist’s slip is showing

>Every time I note someone else’s editorial or grammatical mistakes, I (later, of course) find that I’ve made some glaring mistake of my own in that comment. I’ll try to avoid that here, but read closely, just in case. Nevertheless, . . ., the blog of the editors (and pseudoeditors) of the American Journal … Continue reading

>"It’s a matter of taste."

> has posted a YouTube video from the Ali G show with Dr. Edmund Pelligrino (identified as from “Georgetown University, Papal Advisor Medical Ethics”), Richard Fischer (“American Institute of Homeopathy), Dr. John Freeman (“Johns Hopkins Medical School”) and Louis Brescht (“Catholic Medical Association”). The segment can also be viewed here, identified as “Ali G – … Continue reading

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