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>Virginity pledges: the rest of the story

>The “kids” aren’t “kids” and they aren’t “teens.” And they wait 3 years longer than their peers and no one knows if they even had a sex ed course in school. Fox News reports on their interview with the author of a report on teens who take virginity pledges. She told them that religious teens … Continue reading

New study on virginity pledges and behavior

The article in question can be downloaded from Pediatrics, here. The final “wave 3” data came from the group that the author calls “adolescents” — who were 22 years old. Data from those who had married was treated as “missing.” We don’t know anything about the actual sex ed courses that the students took, who … Continue reading

Abstinence vs “plus”

The Texas Legislature is about to reconvene and the sex ed debate in our State is already in the news. (Free subscription required.) Unfortunately, the news article blurs the line between sex ed for all children in our schools and the problem that some of our girls have multiple pregnancies as teenagers. What little evidence … Continue reading

I’m quoted in Texas Monthly

Over the weekend, at the annual convention of the Texas Medical Association, a friend said that she’d read my quote in “Texas Monthly.” I assumed she meant an old article in Texas Medicine, the journal of the Texas Medical Association. I was wrong. (And, maybe now I know why I can’t get appointed to any … Continue reading

>"Modest" Increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases

>After a decline in STD’s in the late ’80’s and ’90’s that is believed to have been driven by “safer sex” strategies brought on by the spread of HIV, numbers of infections have increased for the second year in a row. The increase may actually be the result of increased efforts at screening and more … Continue reading

>Two sex ed reviews, still no conclusions

>We’re finding that nothing changes the rates of pregnancies and STD’s in teens except parental and peer pressure and concerns (“costs”) of pregnancy. I’m afraid that two published reviews of the literature on studies on sex education for adolescents and teens done by Kristen Underhill, Don Operario, and Paul Montgomery at the Centre for Evidence-Based … Continue reading

>UK: Teaching children how to use condoms no help

>This month, the British Medical Journal (sorry, subscription only) has published a report on a randomized controlled study on enhanced sex ed that failed to reduce the numbers of pregnancies or abortions in teen girls. Essentially, the “programme” involves education for boys and girls 13 to 15 years old, including teaching them to obtain and … Continue reading

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