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>CNN objects to conscience

>This subject again. CNN, that bastion of upstanding plants ethics, objects to doctors with morals – or at least the ones who act on them. The CNN video (not a “news piece”) shows interviews with a woman who was refused contraception by one doctor and a second interview with another doctor who is Catholic and … Continue reading

>"Modest" Increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases

>After a decline in STD’s in the late ’80’s and ’90’s that is believed to have been driven by “safer sex” strategies brought on by the spread of HIV, numbers of infections have increased for the second year in a row. The increase may actually be the result of increased efforts at screening and more … Continue reading

>Two sex ed reviews, still no conclusions

>We’re finding that nothing changes the rates of pregnancies and STD’s in teens except parental and peer pressure and concerns (“costs”) of pregnancy. I’m afraid that two published reviews of the literature on studies on sex education for adolescents and teens done by Kristen Underhill, Don Operario, and Paul Montgomery at the Centre for Evidence-Based … Continue reading

>Animal Farm: Trojan Pigs and Devolution of Standards

>Correction, here: Another blogger The same poster that found it necessary to rant that Fox and CBS wouldn’t advertise condoms on the Blog also posted on the Women’s Bioethics Blog. has been “down” since I posted yesterday – Coincidence? (Update June 21 – they still haven’t posted my post.) There’s a link to … Continue reading

>Changing the rules of biology?

>Kelly Hillis, over at the blog scoffs at the opinion of Concerned Women of America on same sex parenting. She claims that “Science has allowed us to change the rules of biology, and DNA is becoming a tool, not a definition.” I strongly disagree. We can’t “change the rules of biology.” With quite a … Continue reading

>Vaginal approach to gallbladder removal

>Or removal of the appendix through the mouth? I finished my residency training in 1993, and was privileged to witness some of the first “laparoscopic” gallbladder removals on one of my rotations with some private surgeons. After 5 years or so of observing and assisting with the old technique that required a 7 to 10 … Continue reading

>About those ultrasounds before abortion

>Over the last few days, Kelly at has been blogging about House Bill 3355, passed in the South Carolina, which will require the abortion doctor to review the ultrasound with the woman or girl at least one hour before the abortion. The woman has to sign a statement that she’s received the informed consent … Continue reading

More on HPV, mandates, and tax money

All State Medicaid programs must offer the vaccines recommended by the (Federal) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, under the Vaccines for Children program. The States don’t have to mandate the vaccine, however. Some of the docs I’ve talked to are convinced that Medicaid and uninsured patients will have an easier time accessing and affording Gardasil … Continue reading

Med Associations Announce Position Statements on HPV Vaccine

Washington State is planning to offer the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine free to girls. New Hampshire has made the vaccine available on an “opt in” basis. Florida’s Legislators are considering following Texas Governor Rick Perry in making the vaccine mandatory, with an “opt out” option, similar to the way that Hepatitis B and other mandated … Continue reading

Texas HPV Vaccine

One of my goals is to translate between the pro-life and pro-family community that has a religious background and those who do not necessarily count themselves as religious. Sometimes, it seems that’s all I do. Governor Rick Perry evidently surprised most of the world with his brave move concerning a vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus, … Continue reading

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