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High-priced mice for science at Texas A&M

This article from the Texas A&M newspaper describes the medical research with “knockout” mice, or mice that have a specific gene turned off. The  University’s Texas Institute of Genomic Medicine , part of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences specializes in developing knockout mice strains using embryonic stem cells from mice embryos, which … Continue reading

Austin Stem Cell Research Symposium

I attended a once in a lifetime event sponsored by the Austin Heart Hospital and Texans for Stem Cell Research on the University of Texas campus Wednesday, October 27th. Six (edited – not five as I originally wrote.) researchers reported on cutting-edge stem cell research works-in-progress, right here in Texas. The presentations by the PhD’s, … Continue reading

>Human-pig embryo approved in UK

>The “cybrid” or hybrid human-animal embryos are created in the laboratory by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation, using emptied eggs from animals and the nuclear and cellular DNA from humans.. We know that there are currently experiments on-going with the human embryos made using emptied cow eggs (more on the “ease” of making these embryos, here), … Continue reading

>Human-DNA-in-cow-egg embryo created in UK

>Scientists in the UK report that they have created an embryo using the transfer of human nuclear DNA from an embryonic human cell into the oocyte of a cow that has had the nucleus removed. These embryos are the “hybrids” or “cybrids” that we’ve been discussing for the last few years. From the Guardian: Apparently … Continue reading

>UTexas: Modified virus fights stem cell cancer

>Viral gene therapy (similar to techniques used in the stem cell breakthrough last week) has been used by University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers in animal models and reported in the September 19, 2007 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. From MD Anderson: Since 2004 scientists have found that brain … Continue reading

>The Veto vs. the Big Picture

>Yesterday, the President vetoed a Bill that would have “enhanced” some human embryos right out of life, while pledging to save more lives, now. According to the White House Press Release reporting on President Bush’s speech, he was joined by Dr. William Hurlbut and Dr. Don Landry. Both of these men are proponents of alternative … Continue reading

>Animal Farm: Trojan Pigs and Devolution of Standards

>Correction, here: Another blogger The same poster that found it necessary to rant that Fox and CBS wouldn’t advertise condoms on the Blog also posted on the Women’s Bioethics Blog. has been “down” since I posted yesterday – Coincidence? (Update June 21 – they still haven’t posted my post.) There’s a link to … Continue reading


>Scientists have reportedly engineered sheep with organs consisting of up to 15% human cells. A human’s bone marrow stem cells are implanted in a developing sheep ( a fetal lamb), which then develops with the chimeric organs, such as livers, kidneys, etc. The goal is to make multiple sheeple (I’m adapting this term from a … Continue reading

Cow-Monkey blastocyst research

The truth about the goal of researchers seeking to make chimeras and clones is in the news, today. (A big “yuk” factor, here.) I’m convinced that the future is in stimulating and recruiting the patient’s own stem cells and regenerative potential, in site, where and when it’s needed. Animal research is acceptable, but once they … Continue reading

Chimeras, animal research and Humans

>The Scotsman has an opinion piece, “Genetic science alters war on animal rights,” by Kirsty Milne, which expresses confusion about what is right and wrong regarding research using animals and human subjects. She focuses on the altering of physical characteristics of different species by genetic manipulation. While the stealing of a family member’s corpse from … Continue reading

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