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>Some Bloggers shouldn’t reproduce

>They shouldn’t reproduce their thoughts in writing, that is. Take a look at the comments on “Laws, conscience, medicine and bloggers,” for a perfect example of “they just don’t get it.” Freedom of conscience is part of the Washington State law. The Governor threatened to replace the members of the State Pharmacy Board if they … Continue reading

>Science retracts another

>There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the scientific review process does work. Science is retracting (all of these Science and Nature articles are behind a paywall) an article that has been proven to include forged photographs, due to the questions about these photographs from other researchers. Although the actual research … Continue reading

>Trust me: I’ll act against my conscience

>The title throws you for a loop, doesn’t it? Trust me to do what? Follow the law, when I can violate my own conscience? Practice ethical medicine when I promise not to have any personal convictions to guide me? What are laws and ethics to a person who has no conscience? This month’s American Journal … Continue reading

(Un)Ethical Science Journals

I guess the first question should be, “Where is the scientific and ethical justification for demanding public funding of science without public restraints?” The next is, “When there is public disagreement, what is the ethical way to conduct the discussion about the disagreement?” I’m sure that the answer to the second is not “hit and … Continue reading


This is a re-write of a post I made as part of the conversation about Emilio Gonzales’s treatment at Wesley Smith’s Second Hand Smoke. I’m a family doctor because I have always seen the patient as part of the family and (ideally and sometimes not so ideally) the family as integral to the patient’s condition … Continue reading

“Living Life’s End”

The title is from a 2005 essay by Gilbert Meilaender in First Things. Not surprisingly, Dr. Meilaender speaks with much more clarity than I ever could in discussing the sort of dilemma that we face when considering the baby, Emilio Gonzales, and the treatment vs. the care he is to receive from his doctors, his … Continue reading

Bad, Bad Doctors (Religious, with Consciences)

The NEJM has a free on line article evaluating the results of a survey of doctors, “Religion, Conscience and Controversial Clinical Practices,” which is a perfect example that far too much of the effort of “medical ethics” or “bioethics,” goes into deciding who can be killed. “In recent years, several states have passed laws that … Continue reading

>Calling all scientists

>The Aspen Ideas Festival is a meeting that I had never heard of until recently (I actually found it Googling for “Bioethics and Politics” and “Bioethics and Policy” which are names I’ve come up with for alternative blogs in case I decide to change my focus) There are audio recordings and transcripts online which contain … Continue reading

>Bioethicists aren’t needed

>Well, they didn’t come right out and say it. Moreno and Berger are still stomping their feet at Ramesh Ponnuru for doing his job. After all, he’s an editor for a magazine covering “Republican/conservative news, commentary, and opinion.” Moreno has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and Berger is an Assistant to Moreno and two other Fellows … Continue reading

>Biased bioethicist’s slip is showing

>Every time I note someone else’s editorial or grammatical mistakes, I (later, of course) find that I’ve made some glaring mistake of my own in that comment. I’ll try to avoid that here, but read closely, just in case. Nevertheless, . . ., the blog of the editors (and pseudoeditors) of the American Journal … Continue reading

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  • A State with a Democrat Governor has apparently voted not to remove their State Constitution protection for abortion. 4 days ago