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(Un)Ethical Science Journals

I guess the first question should be, “Where is the scientific and ethical justification for demanding public funding of science without public restraints?”

The next is, “When there is public disagreement, what is the ethical way to conduct the discussion about the disagreement?”

I’m sure that the answer to the second is not “hit and run.”

Wesley Smith adds a new bit of information to the story I wrote about last week, concerning an attack on Maureen Condic, PhD, for her informational article on the lack of promise of embryonic stem cells.

It seems that that the journal Nature Neuroscience has refused to allow Dr. Condic, a respected neuroscientist herself, to respond to the editorial on their pages.

Why, Wesley, the editors didn’t display enough courage to sign their names. I’m not surprise that they continue to take the less courageous road.

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