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>Nanofiber Scaffolds for Neural Stem Cells (and some truth)

>Johns Hopkins researchers report that they have developed “nanofibers” impregnated with special proteins which allow them to grow neural stem cells from embryonic stem cells without “requiring high concentrations of growth factors.” One of the researchers, Neuroscientist Hongjun Song, comments on the immediate results of the research, which will not include actual patient therapy: “Eventually, … Continue reading

>Brain wave biometric key

>New Scientist Tech reports on news of a possible personal identification device in the works: This novel biometric system should be difficult to forge, making it suitable for high-security applications, claim the researchers behind it. The system was developed by Dimitrios Tzovaras and colleagues at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, in Greece. It … Continue reading

Science confirms true pain in 25 week premies

It has long been possible to observe very premature babies pull away from painful stimuli and react physically as though they were in pain by crying, showing faster pulses and breathing rates and even changes in their blood hormone levels that mimic pain response in older human beings. But that pain has been dismissed as … Continue reading

Backlash hurts (Fetal Pain article)

The fact that the editor in chief, Catherine D. DeAngelis, of the Journal of the American Medical Association is receiving outraged emails is news. (And, they’re mean and hateful, too, depending on how you define “hateful” doesn’t it?) After the AMA had to reverse its stand on harvesting organs from still living anencephalic babies in … Continue reading

Prenatal Pain vs. “Nociception” Psychological Construct?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (This link is to the abstract. Subscription is required for the full article) published an article this week claiming to definitively settle the problem of whether or not children feel pain before birth. Some of you may have read that there are serious ethical questions about the authors, … Continue reading

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