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Progesterone, infertility, and early pregnancy

I spent the evening researching progesterone in early pregnancy and the FDA debate concerning the risk after ovulation and/or fertilization to any embryo that might be present when a woman or girl takes Plan B, which contains the progesterone, levonorgestrel. More evidence that the Plan B formulation should not be a risk to the early … Continue reading

Plan B Not Abortifacient, But Doesn’t Change Much, Either

As the news that the FDA may soon make Plan B , the progesterone only protocol that is often called “Emergency Contraception” or the “morning after pill,” available without prescription, we’ll probably hear all sorts of opinions about whether or not it is an abortifacient or will lower the abortion rate. The answer is probably … Continue reading

What’s the connection for NYT and Plan B

I wish I were a better detective. Tuesday, I had to spend a couple of hours in the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, so I did something I don’t usually do: I read a real, dead-tree newspaper. The NYT flashed an above-the-fold front page article and an editorial on FDA regulation of a single … Continue reading

FDA Chief Resigns Over Plan B

FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health, Susan Wood, says she can’t remain at the Agency because of the refusal to change the status of the drug protocol, “Plan B” often called the “morning after pill.” The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation’s daily news reports the fuss. I agree with the former Commissioner, she should not be … Continue reading

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