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Conscience upheld in Arizona Courts

Without a conscience, what is a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist except a technician willing to follow the whims of law? (Again, this is not sound-bite material!) I received an e-mail from the American Defense Fund concerning the lawsuit against the State of Arizona by Planned Parenthood over a law to protect those of us in … Continue reading

Elections have consequences (abortion, contraceptives, committees)

ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolis ran an interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Sunday, January 25, 2009. The transcript is here. Stephanopolis allowed the Speaker to gloss over her policy that does not allow debate or amendments from the House floor, or that no Republicans were allowed to see or vote … Continue reading

>CNN objects to conscience

>This subject again. CNN, that bastion of upstanding plants ethics, objects to doctors with morals – or at least the ones who act on them. The CNN video (not a “news piece”) shows interviews with a woman who was refused contraception by one doctor and a second interview with another doctor who is Catholic and … Continue reading

>Give me liberty or give me condoms!

>Where are the condom squads who go around making sure that every grocery store, drug store, and 24 hour convenience store stocks latex condoms and the appropriate lubricants, “at all times”? Condoms are a much more basic public health issue than Plan B, which only works (when it works) for about 5 days in the … Continue reading

>Laws, conscience, medicine and bloggers

>In contrast to the hype that you might read on blogs and in the press, the Federal District Court judge in Washington has upheld the law of that State. The basic right to not be forced into action that one considers unethical or immoral – the right to liberty – was upheld first, by the … Continue reading

Virtual science vs. actual experimentation (Emergency Contraception)

There’s still no evidence that Plan B interferes with implantation, and lots of evidence that it doesn’t. There have been reports that Drs. Mikolajczyk and Stanford (“Levonorgestrel emergency contraception: a joint analysis of effectiveness and mechanism of action.” Fertility and Sterility R. Mikolajczyk, J. Stanford, access to free abstract available, here) have proven that there … Continue reading

Review: Plan B, How It Works and Doesn’t Work

I’m convinced that Plan B does not block implantation. Because I keep getting emails, hearing radio personalities and reading posts on various forums claiming that Plan B is an abortifacient, here’s a review of information on the medical effects of the pills and on the other effects and lack of effects. The overwhelming evidence – … Continue reading

Now, this is politics

I’ve posted before that I’m inclined to believe (while I’m not ready to advocate its use for several reasons) that Plan B is not an abortifacient. (See here and here. Or look here for a posting of one of the research articles that convinced me to reconsider my earlier rejection of post-coital contraception.) However, why … Continue reading

(Jamaica) Teens opt for abortion over emergency pill

The other side of the Emergency Contraception (EC) story. In Jamaica, the protocol sold under the name of “Postinor 2” is available Over the Counter (OTC). There is concern that the OTC EC is being over used in this country with a high HIV/AIDs infection rate. And then, we find out that the girls in … Continue reading

Plan B doesn’t change much

If a medication doesn’t offer a significant improvement in health risks, why risk the complications of changing laws, much less side effects of medication? Plan B is supposed to decrease pregnancies due to unprotected intercourse. Easy access to Plan B is supposed to work better to decrease pregnancy. But, it doesn’t work that way. You … Continue reading

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