Trust me, I have no conscience (Again and again, and again)

Siricou Raven, that gadfly of the prolife blogger, says I’m using scare tactics, that the NHS pays for dialysis, and that we pro-conscience doctors are afraid that ‘THE GAYS WILL DESTROY MEDICINE!!!!’ Oh, and Bush did it!

Well, what do you expect of people who don’t have consciences and who are told by the Powers that be that we must violate any oaths we’ve taken for money and law?

It’s not Gays and Lesbians we’re trying to protect ourselves and our consciences from – its their lawyers. Beginning in 2005 and through last month, ACOG broke one of the strongest tenets of modern medicine: Thou shalt not put thy colleagues in greater malpractice risk.

The conscience protection ruling is a synthesis of current laws. The synthesis was only necessary because in 2005, the American College of Obstetricians and the American Board of OBGyn turned their quiet attack on pro-life residency candidates (few programs will accept pro-life doctors) into an effort to change laws (lobbying the US Senate) and amended their own ethics policies to put not only ACOG members, but all doctors at risk of losing their certification, their licenses, and increased our lawsuit risk.

Obama, what’s-her-name, and Daschle are bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood and NARAL. (Daschle sent out letters against George Bush in ’04, on NARAL’s letter head. After the SCOTUS allowed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Sebelius vetoed 3 separate bills due to their limits on abortion. And Obama made his famous “first thing I do is sign FOCA” speech to PP)

Most people have access to the $4 Walmart drugs. Our little town has 2 low cost clinics, one is free of charge, one has a cost of less than $5. Everyone who can raise the money can have the latest and greatest — not so in the NHS. A few years ago, it was illegal to sell Tamiflu in Great Britain, because NICE said it was.

Years before that, Dialysis was limited to those under 55 years old. Echoing that, this year, a man in his 50’s was told he would not get surgery to stabilize his ankle until he kicked his nicotine habit.

Our hospital has indigent care, as does our County. We doctors see patients for cash and are aware when their costs are out of pocket. (My phone has a program that has formularies for local insurance plans. The patient and I discuss whether they want the once a day Tier 4 drug, the twice a day Tier 3 or the 4 times a day generic.)

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