California rejects parental notification for minors' abortions

California voters have voted against a State Constitutional amendment to require doctors to notify parents when minor girls obtain an abortion.

From the San Francisco Gate:

Proposition 4 would alter the state constitution to prohibit a minor from obtaining an abortion until 48 hours after her doctor notified her parent, legal guardian or, in certain cases, a substitute adult. An exception would be made for medical emergencies and also the minor would be permitted to seek an order in court waiving notification.

It appears that the vote was 52% against and 47% to 48% in favor.

More on the vote from KTLA TV news:

Proposition 4, known officially as the Waiting Period and Parental Notification before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy Amendment and unofficially as Sarah’s Law.

The proposition would add a section to Article 1 of the California Constitution to require doctors to inform the parent of guardian of a minor 48 hours before providing an abortion.

This proposition is similar to California’s Proposition 73 92005) and California Proposition 86 (2006) both of which were rejected by the majority of voters; however it introduces significant changes to allowed exceptions.

The way it is now:

A pregnant minor (an unmarried girl under 18 years old) can get an abortion in California without telling her parents.

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