"Expelled" Producers make silly, ironic mistake

The producers of the movie “Expelled” owe PZ Meyersa lifetime pass to the movie. And they really need to attend and pass a logic class.

Dr. Myers, a scientist who researches cephalopods, and one of the men interviewed for the movie, was escorted by security from a free event that included a preview of the movie. However, the producers allowed Myer’s wife, daughter, and her fiance to enter and view the movie, accompanied by Richard Dawkins.

The producers should be ashamed of themselves. They advertised the event, inviting people to register to see the movie. They did not send out notices that “everyone except x, y, and pz, may see the movie.”

And to skip over Red-A Atheist-wanna-be Myers for the original, Dawkins, is just plain dumb. Dawkins has posted his review of the movie, here. (I haven’t read it yet.)

Here’s the real-time “Pharyngula” blog post about the incident – from PZ Myer’s blog (he ran over to the Apple computer store to post on his blog) and there’s a follow up post, here.

The entire conversation about the movie has left the original topic of academic prejudice against believers or even doubters, the near topic of the truth about Creation and evolution. The little boys are throwing mud pies and calling each other “dummie.” I can’t help but believe that the move to expel Myers from the showing was just a power play on the part of some would-be producer intern.

The Producers had a chance to frame the publicity from a PJ Myers appearance (along with that other guy) at their movie. (“Look who’s coming to see the movie” will now become “Expelled from Expelled” and “Evidence that “Expelled” is not too bright.” and “Myers is a saint.”)

Here’s the LifeEthics blog conversation that’s been going on since October, and which also has a notice about the incident with Myers, Dawkins and the Producers and bouncers. Here’s the Christianity Today review, and here’s the New York Times. I guess that if all the Producers wanted was publicity, their strategy worked.

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