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>Thomson framed: "iPS more relevant than embryonic"

>Framing Science has a great quote from James Thomson, whose lab announced that they had proven a way to reprogram adult cells to become more primitive, embryonic-like stem cells, called “induced Pluripotent Cells.”

I don’t know how I missed this one yesterday:

“. . . says Thomson, the scientist who in 1998 isolated stem cells from human embryos for the first time. “They are probably more clinically relevant than embryonic stem cells,” he explains. “Immune rejection should not be a problem using these cells.”

While you’re over there, take a look at the articles from yesterday and today on what Dr. Nesbit believes is the significance of “The Discovery” and about the art of “framing science.” If you’re not familiar with the concept of framing, read some of the early and/or labeled posts to find out what it means to “frame” anything, science in particular.
(with a handy little list of words and meanings that you need to understand if you are at all interested in how science is reported and “framed” to influence the rest of us.)

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