Bioethicists aren't needed

Well, they didn’t come right out and say it.

Moreno and Berger are still stomping their feet at Ramesh Ponnuru for doing his job. After all, he’s an editor for a magazine coveringRepublican/conservative news, commentary, and opinion.

Moreno has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and Berger is an Assistant to Moreno and two other Fellows at the socialist “Center for American Progress Institute for Bioethics. I suppose that it could be said that they are doing their jobs, too, except for the way they argue their point.

They argue that scientists and the “scientific community” do not recognize that there are “viable alternatives” to embryonic stem cells. Because they are certain of this opinion, they have attacked a report that proposes research “Without Destroying Human Life.”

If these two bioethicists are so certain that that scientists are the final authorities as to what should be done, what is their justification for “bioethicists” (other than to make arguments for the scientists who lead them, that is)?

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