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>Visitor Number 10,000 could help

>It took over a year, and some of those visits are my own viewing of my posts, but sometime this weekend I should have my 10,000th visit to LifeEthics and 15,000th page view. I’m hoping that one of my visitors can help me.

Imagine all of the bloggers who have more audience than I do. And how many of them are prolife and deal with Bioethics. Then, will someone please tell me why the mainstream press still doesn’t get it that embryonic stem cell research is a dead end?

Today, my husband and I visited his banker who spoke about his plans for investment this year. The man didn’t really understand what I do, but he named “stem cells” as his first option!

I encouraged him to look into those companies that are investing in ethical research, using adult and umbilical cord cells. However, when I tried to name some companies, I realized that I know some of the “bad guys,” but not the “good guys” or how to evaluate them.

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