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>Evil (UK) restrictions (no hybrids), again

>The sky is falling, once again, because of those evil pro-life people who want to kill patients because oppose placing human DNA in cow eggs:

Scientists say disease research at risk after ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to embryo proposals

VITAL research into devastating diseases could be put in jeopardy because of government opposition to plans to create part animal-part human embryos, it was claimed yesterday.

But scientists hoping to use the technology to create treatments for serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease say they must be allowed to continue their work.

Professor Ian Wilmut, from Edinburgh University, leader of the team that created Dolly the sheep, was preparing his application for chimera research when the government said such work should be outlawed – at least initially. Yesterday, he joined scientists from London and Newcastle, who have submitted proposals for similar work, to call for a rethink by the government and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which issues licences for such studies.

They believe the views expressed by scientists during the consultation on fertility laws were submerged under a mass of responses opposing such research generated by organised campaigns by pro-life groups.

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