Biologist's review of Dawkin's The God Delusion

There’s an excellent review of Richard Dawkin’s book (here’s my comments from last October, “Measuring a Universe Without God,” when Dawkins was selling his book on NPR’s The Talk of the Nation and other media), with answers to many of his near-points free online at the New York Review of Books website. I hadn’t heard of the author, H. Allen Orr, before finding a link to this review at “The Black Kettle” via Pro-life Blogs aggregator. However, according to the reference at the NYRB, “is Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester. He is the author, with Jerry A. Coyne, of Speciation. (January 2007)” Here’s his University webpage.

At the risk of saying too little about so much, I do have a couple of points that I’d like to point out about this excellent review and critique of Dawkin’s poor attempt at framing religion as delusional and teaching our children as abusive.

First, please note Dr. Orr’s references to Dawkin’s own religious (Judeo-Christian) and Victorian worldview, as well as the biologist’s bias, assumptions and frank acknowledgment of a “Mission to Convert.”

Second, the major weakness in all of the Creator vs. Science debates was pointed out by that same C. S. Lewis book that Dr. Orr cites: in Miracles, Lewis reminds us that the Creator of this Universe is Super – natural. He works outside of the Laws of Physics/Nature as we know them.

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