Happy New Year, Here's a New Resource

I hope that everyone is ready to hit the ground running as business resumes this week.

(I know – some people have been running all along, while I took a couple of weeks to give my husband shots of blood thinner and to learn a brand new hate for support hose, all due to Mr. LifeEthics’ [don’t tell him I called him that] new left hip. I’m determined to keep him healthy, since we married “’till death do us part,” and he’s not getting out that easily.)

To begin 2007, there’s a new resource available for those of us concerned about our children of tomorrow and the world we create while we are inventing new ways to create (and kill) them. Nigel Cameron, Ph.D., has begun a blog at ChoosingTomorrow.blogspot.com.

Dr. Cameron is among the leaders of bioethics who realized years ago that, while killing is not acceptable, bioethics involves much more than the debate over abortion and euthanasia. He was instrumental in the founding of the Bioethics program at Trinity International University and of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. He has helped build coalitions like The Institute for Biotechnology and the Human Future whose members, both “pro-life” and “pro-choice,” oppose cloning and the use of women in order to harvest oocytes for research, and who seek to moderate the intentional manipulation of the human body and genome.

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