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Judge stops forced treatment

16 yo Starchild Abraham Cherrix will not have to report for chemotherapy today for his Hodgkin’s lymphoma. (Earlier, I called the disease “Non-Hodgkin’s,” which is a different disease, with a worse prognosis that Hodgkin’s, which is actually several types of lymphoma (cancers of the lymph nodes and lymphatic system). Some types of Hodkin’s have up to 80% cure rate.)

I hope that the family and doctors can come to an agreement about treatment.

I’m convinced that everyone involved has the best interests of the child in mind. It’s just that there are different views about what those “best interests” are.

The act of forcing a treatment on an unwilling and non-consenting 16 year old seems the worst of the possible options, second only to the death of the boy due to his cancer. The risks of side effects and even death due to some unforseen reaction would prevent me from pushing this treatment. However, I’d want to check back often and make sure that Starchild and his parents know that they can change their mind.

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