Common Ground Possible?

As the header states, LifeEthics is an attempt at finding and working from common ground.

A reader asks why I would respond to an invitation to a bioethics conference and round table discussion from the Center for American Progress and the Women’s Bioethics Project.

The question should be why wouldn’t I be welcome, in light of the PBI’s goal of “Moving beyond the narrow concerns and ideological conflicts that have plagued contemporary bioethics”?

It never surprises me that people and organizations with common goals may have different ideas about how to achieve those goals.

Division is destructive. Conversation rather than labeling and exclusion is the best practice in medicine, science, and ethics.

If the meeting is only for a small clique of true believers and like-minded, then I don’t need or want to attend. If it is an educational discussion of the issues (even if only one viewpoint is presented) and an opportunity to share ideas and get to know others interested in protecting human dignity and help each other “understand the direct and profound affect emerging biotechnologies will have on your life,” then I’d like to meet these people and hear what they have to say.

There’s probably plenty of time at the regular conference. No worries!

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