>"Death With Dignity" for everyone

>Okay, just everyone who wants to kill themselves with the help of a doctor.
Pat Wray, an Oregonian outdoor reporter, has written a column praising his State for aiding people who want to kill themselves. And he believes the option should be available – with medical help and counseling, of course – for any adult who wants it. Even “healthy people” in their 20’s.

He uses the old “they’re going to do it any way, so it should be safe, legal and rare.” He gets a good kick against “religious hardliners,” too.

How safe can suicide be? And, how much religious bigotry do we pro-life have to endure?

I’m tempted to quote Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle in their political Science Fiction novel, Oath of Fealty: “Think of it as evolution in action.”

It’s just that I think these people breed before they kill themselves. And that the people who advocate suicide for others – especially the religious bigots who have to call the rest of us “fanatics,” “right wing,” and “hardliners” tend to be elitists who don’t follow their own advice. Possibly because they really do not believe that anything is better, after suicide or any other kind of death.

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