Hands Off Our Ovaries!!

I love the irony of the adoption for good of the slogan mis-used for 40 years by the most militant pro-abortion activists.We must call for serious discussion and action by the women of the world, since our daughters and sisters – both those of today and of the future – are at risk.

The harvesting of eggs for embyronic research and attempts – so far at least, failed attempts – at cloning is with out a doubt the exploitation of women. The risk to each woman in each cycle of induction is permanent damage to the reproductive organs, infertility and death. The donation of oocytes should be considered on a par with paired-organ donation. Except in very limited cases for women who are unable to have their own children or who wish to help a sister or other close relative, there can be no excuse and no tolerance for inducing women to undergo the hormonal manipulation and surgical procedure necessary to produce and collect the oocytes for altruistic or economic reasons.

This is just one more example of the little boys in their labs who, from the beginning of recorded history have insisted on taking everything apart just to see how it works and leaving the women in their lives to sweep up the bits and pieces they have left over when they try to put it back together again. We should not let our sisters be the victims of their own nurturing and guilt. Women should band together while the exploitation is still at an embryonic stage.

Women on both sides of the abortion issue agree. Besides Diane Beeson, a Professor of Sociology at the California State University, East Bay, Josephine Quintavalle on behalf of Comment on Reproductive Ethics and Jennifer Lahl, President of Every Woman First, two Italian Feminists, Paola Tavella and Alessandra Di Pietro, authors of “Untamed Mothers-Against Technorape of the Female Body”, who are quoted as saying,

“We believe that current biopolitics are separating men and women from natural reproduction and are robbing women of their biological tissues for experimental technoscience. We will fight together with other feminists for the freedom of women and the welfare of future generations.”

the article continues with this from Ms. Quintavalle,

“None of these issues has been adequately addressed by the stem cell scientists eager to get their hands on women’s eggs and ovaries. And all for scientific research which still remains in the realm of hypothetical benefit.

A petition and additional information is at

Is there room for giggling in the Big Tote Bag of Bioethics?
Though the topic is serious and not a matter for jokes, the irony (and the very mention of “technorape”) makes me wish I had thought of using the slogan for the perpetually flushed E.D. (“Executive Director,” not that other term) of AROWS (Age-Related Ovarian Wasting Syndrome), the other Women’s Bioethics Project which is composed of “first wives and mothers who know where the pill bottles are hidden and what each is for!”

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