85% Type 2 diabetics treated with ethical stem cells


Here’s an article (from a reliable medical site, despite the typos and obviously poor translation from the original) on bone marrow cells taken from the patient and used to treat diabetes by injecting the appropriate stem cells into the pancreas. 85% of 16 – that sounds like 14 of the 16 began making their own insulin, C-peptide, etc. — in other words, their beta islet cells were improved somehow.

From animal models, we have reason to believe that the patient’s existing beta cells in the islet of the pancreas were supported and encouraged to divide, rather than the stem cells from the bone marrow differentiating to become islet cells. But, the jury’s still out.

The article says this is the most significant advance since the discovery of insulin in 1929.

A side issue —

The paper concerning this research was presented in December to the American Society for Cell Biology. The Press Book can be accessed here.

Every day, I read of stories such as this one, concerning treatments reported at legitimate medical meetings, without a peep in the mainstream media. There’s definitely not the same level of hoopla that Hwang and the puppy-cloning team got.

Over 80% of Type 2 diabetics? and no major media blitz??

Edit, December 6, 2006
As noted in the comments, below, there is no follow up on this article, and no corroborating evidence on line or on a Pub Med search. The American Society of Cell Biology “Press Books” have a new url, here. There is no mention of the presentation in the Press Book. Please see the post from today (December 6, 2006) with some relevant links to research in animal models.

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