>"Witchhunt" for conservative bioethicists and biotechnologists?

>I wouldn’t be surprised.

Michael Fumento, the author of one of the huge books on my shelves, Bioevolution, lost his job writing a column for the Scripps Howard News Service, due to accusations that he is “bought.”

It seems that 5 years ago, he accepted grant money in order to write that book. That was 3 to 4 years before he started to write the column in question.

And, of course, his accusers can’t stick with science, ideas, or facts. The attacks are personal and petty politics of personality. (alphabetical aliteration accidental and acknowledged)

In light of the evident standard of journalistic and information technology integrity, I call for the full disclosure of all funding by any beneficiary of George Soros, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the many incarnations of the “right to die” movement. While we’re at it, let’s get every PETA member, advocate and activist to come clean.

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