Pay women to donate eggs?

Reading more on that last post on Ronald Green (scroll down, or click here for permanent link) from July 2005 July, 2005,

“What is the point of these bans against paying for eggs? A ban on payment for embryos makes sense. Embryos that are available for stem-cell research are spares remaining from in-vitro fertilization procedures. Whatever effort or expense went into them lies in the past. It also makes sense to prohibit the selling of sperm for research purposes. This is hardly an onerous or risky task.

“But eggs are another matter. Eggs should not be sold, but women who produce eggs for research should be compensated for the time and effort involved. They must undergo a series of painful injections with drugs to stimulate their ovaries and undergo a collection procedure that involves inserting a large needle through the vaginal wall into each ovary. The drugs can cause mood swings, and there are rare but life-threatening risks associated with them. Why would anybody do this without appropriate compensation?”

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