>Don’t turn away

>”Silent Rain Drops” gave me courage and support today, with a comment on my post on why Christians need to take our place in politics and for the wounded and innocent. Thank you!

ProLifeBlogs.com has more information about the far reaching effects of legalized abortion: Not only do actual people use their minds and hands to end the lives of the children who die in abortion, but those of us who live in this nation give our willing or unwilling support to not only abortion but the infringement of other rights and civil liberties. Directly due to the special protection of legalized, elective and interventional abortion.

The right of free speech and assembly is limited – certain expression is not allowed at “facility” entrances. People have been arrested for kneeling in prayer on public ground, because of their proximity to an abortion clinic. There are “bubbles” or floating areas of restricted speech and simply “being there” around these places.

And now, there is the creeping infringment on the right of conscience due to legalized abortion and only abortion – legalized slavery of people who choose to work in the “healing arts.” Are you a pharmacist? Then you must carry certain drugs and you must be prepared to immediately sell those – and only those – drugs without fail. Nurses and doctors are having to choose between caring for women in their childbearing years and risking their license and livelihood if they refuse to participate in legalized, intentional, and elective interference in the natural life span of nascent human beings.

We can’t say we aren’t doing these things. The United States of America is a representative democracy. If it’s happening with legal protection, I are at least allowing it — if we turn away at the wrong time, we are causing it to happen.

Write a letter to your local paper each month. Call your representatives at the State and Federal levels. Tell them to protect the right not to be killed, the right not to be forced to act against your will, the right not to be silenced. Give a package of diapers to the local crisis pregnancy center. Give your time to the local family violence center or food bank.

Just don’t turn away.

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