>The anti-life, anti-religion bioethics agenda

>The Women’s Bioethics Project (see yesterday’s post for the link to their home page)was kind enough to note the strength of conservative bioethics and to list of their weaknesses and future agenda in the anti-conservative, anti-religious “expose” they have called, “God’s Bioethics.” It’s obvious that they think believing in God and having a “unified philosophical framework based on a concept of “human dignity” is somehow a bad thing.

“One of the conservatives’ strengths is that they approach bioethical issues from a unified philosophical framework based on a concept of “human dignity” from which they derive their position on any given bioethical issue.”


“Conservatives have the opportunity to undermine progressive coalitions by portraying them as divided, confused, and serving special interests. They will be able to do this because many of the emerging issues bring progressive values into conflict (autonomy v. social justice, for example) and will divide potential progressive coalitions. We saw this play out in the media during the recent California Proposition 71 stem-cell initiative when progressive environmental and women’s groups were battling with the scientific community over issues of corporate accountability, access to new technologies, women’s health concerns, and appropriateness of using state funds to support scientific research when basic needs such as education and other social services remain under-funded. In this instance, the friction between progressives gave the conservative right additional ammunition for their anti-embryonic stem cell research position. We expect to see similar conflicts over technologies such as human genetic germline modification (“designer babies”) and reproductive cloning.”

What can I say but, “Thank you!”

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