>When the People are Caesar

>Just a little politics and a hint of religion, here – and reactive at that:

Much fuss and bother about the new nominee to the Supreme Court, as we as the unusual withdrawal of the last nominee. With not a few blaming all on the “Religious Right” or the “Extreme Right.”

I’d like to point the not-so-right to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. “We the People” are the government.

The visible influence of the nomination of Justices to the Supreme Court by backers of the elected Administration is simply representative democracy is at work.

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One thought on “>When the People are Caesar

  1. >Here's the test for you. Imagine there is a Democratic administration in the future — not hard to imagine, as failures of the present one mount up.The future Democratic administration and its lobbyists work hard to get their pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, pro-assisted suicide nominees onto the Supreme Court.Beverly will not make a fuss about this. She will say that those future Democrats are simply following the Constitution, and she will let the will of the people (ok, not all of the people) override her moral sentiments. She will retain a dignified silence.Will this happen?

    Posted by jimmy | November 3, 2005, 10:41 pm

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