Robert P. George for US Supreme Court (My Wish List)

Here’s an article from the Daily Princtonian ‘way back before the nomination of Harriet Miers. Professor Robert P. George of Princeton explained why it would be difficult for the President to nominate a known conservative. Especially one like Professor George who argues so logically for the protection of human life at all ages and who gives one of the best philosophical explanations as to why a human embryo is a human being.

Professor George is even able to give a one sentence definition
of “living organism:”

The question is, ‘Does it have the [biological basis] for self-construction and self-organization, or is it a fundamentally disordered growth?’”

As Professor George, a member of the President’s Bioethics Council, says, professors aren’t likely to be nominated for the Supreme Court. Professors write opinions as part of their profession: so a professor nominated by President Bush would be treated in the same way that Robert Bork was treated in 1987.

Although his theory doesn’t explain Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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