World-wide views on killing humans

One article in the Houston Chronicle is an editorial which covers physician assisted suicide and the current Supreme Court Case on the legality of using Federally regulated medicines to act with the intention of causing death. (It’s worth the free registration.)

The second is from Crosswalk.com, and is a summary by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), of Peter Singer’s recent OpEd describing ethics in 35 years (in an issue marking the 35th anniversary of the magazine, Foreign Policy , which is the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations). The last half of the discussion shows the relevancy to the the Oregon/US Supreme Court case.

For coverage from the Netherlands on their policies, here’s a brief account from the “expats” newservice, and another from the US.

Consider that the Dutch only legalized what they were doing anyway. And that the estimate is that at least 1 in 32 deaths is now intentional, legally caused by doctors. But, most admit that the reporting and record keeping are poor.

This is not medical care or even a medical procedure. This is not “private,” since so many people are involved in each death.

Very few citizens over the age of 65 “owns” his own medical care in the US. Most care for those “premies” or other babies in neonatal intensive care units is essentially at the State’s expense.

How finite are our resources? How limited is our concern?

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