One Day's Google Stem Cell Information

I hate to give away trade secrets, but here’s what came up on the Google News Search Alerts this afternoon (My comments are in italics):

Google Alert for: stem cell cells

Stem-cell inquiry must be scientific and ethical

Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
… Stem cell research is forging ahead, and funded by the feds. “Adult” stem cell research, using these amazingly versatile cells taken harmlessly from umbilical …
This is an editorial by Dr. Nigel Cameron, who was the US representative to the UN’s conference on cloning last spring. Dr. Cameron teaches Bioethics at Trinity International Univesity.

Health Northwest: Embryonic stem cell research might open door for …
The Daily Astorian – Astoria,OR,USA

… Adult stem cells have been studied since the 1960s, and the use of adult stem cell transplants for certain illnesses is well established. …

Poor reporting on the history as well as the ethics of embryonic stem cells. Human embryonic stem cells were described in 1979.

Governor Pushes for Funding Of Stem Cell Research in Va.
Washington Post – United States
… Embryonic stem cells are coveted for their potential to repair … research because of the potential the cells hold for changing into any type of cell or tissue in …

The Governor should read the next three articles.

StemCells, Inc. Receives Manufacturing License for Cell Processing …

Genetic Engineering News – Larchmont,NY,USA
… These stem cells are expandable into cell banks for therapeutic use, which demonstrates the feasibility of using normal, non-genetically modified cells as cell …
Stem cells from “normal human brains” poised for clinical trials. Ethically obtained, adult stem cells, that is.

Balto Star back in training after receiving stem cell treatments
Thoroughbred Times – Lexington,KY,USA
… “We employed some of this stem cell technology that … They extracted the stem cells and sent back basically an injection that we injected into the tendon, and he …
Adult stem cell therapy for a race horse – successful.

Human muscle stem cells fight incontinence
Science Daily (press release) – USA
Neck and shoulder stem cell origin found (July 21, 2005) — Researchers say the discovery of how stem cells form the neck and shoulder areas of vertebrate …
Another adult stem cell therapy – proven in animal trials – ready to be tried in humans.

More Debate on Adult vs. Embryonic Stem Cells
ProLife Blogs – USA
The fact remains that embryonic stem cells may develop into virtually every type of cell in the human body. That remains to be proven for adult stem cells. …

This excerpt is the direct opposite of the message of the website, which is the clearinghouse for all things pro-life.

This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

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