Texas: death penalty for abortionists?

I believe in incrementalism.

The Waco Tribune today reports that the local District Attorney believes that doctors who commit illegal abortions could face First Degree Murder charges and risk the death penalty.

We managed to change the law in Texas 2 years ago to include unborn children as “human.” In order to mollify some members of the Texas Medical Association (especially a group of abortionist and their support staff, who were paying lobbyists and calling our Prenatal Protection Act the “fetal human rights act’), a provision was added that the mother and anyone who carries out a “legal” procedure intended to kill the child could not be prosecuted or sued for any harm to the child.

However, the new Parental Consent Law might have tweaked the case for protection of the child as well as his minor mother.

There are provisions in the law for judicial bypass and for-life-of the-mother and severe-neurological-defect emergencies.

But, if the doctor fails to obtain written, informed consent, cannot back any claims of danger to the mother/child’s life or that the child was “going to die anyway” due to severe developmental problems, what kind of crime has been committed?

I want to say that I hate the death penalty. The 7 who broke out of the Connolly prison in South Texas and went on to kill a policeman, Officer Hawkins, swayed me back to the opinion that there are times when the only way to protect society is to end the life of the threat.

It should be rare, legal and humane.

Ironic, huh?

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