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Stem cell centers (and money) everywhere

As pointed out in the article from the Michigan Daily, there’s a competition for scientists and money for stem cells research. This month, there’s plenty of news about money being spent on stem cell research centers around the world. Some from State funds, tax money and some from private donations.

The veterinarian, Dr. Wu Suk Hwang (cloner of dogs and people), announced plans for a government-sponsored “Stem Cell Hub” in Seoul, South Korea, according to today’s Scientist, UK.

New Jersey, one of the first States which envisioned embryo “greenhouses,” has announced that there is $5M available for stem cell research and grant applications are being accepted, even though the State Legislature has stalled funding for their $150M research center.

California is having trouble getting their $3 Billion stem cell research center off the ground due to lawsuits. Besides the efforts of pro-life advocates to prevent the killing of embryos, there are suits that challenge the proposed administration and control of the funds.

Florida is anticipating the new $800 M Scripts research center which has plans to conduct ethical stem cell research on adult human and embryonic and adult mouse stem cells. The new center is being used as a selling point by some legislators who wish to change Florida law to allow embyronic stem cell research there.

Texas has the Institute of Molecular Medicine, part of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houson. The Institute is nearing its goal of $200 M. for new facilities and faculty.

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