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Who we are and what we’re doing and why is “live,” but still rough, since I’m the “webmaster.”

I hope to reach those who would take part in protecting human life, but don’t know how or where to start, or feel excluded by the conditions of membership of other pro-life organizations – or those who aren’t ready to identify with “pro-life” groups. My intent is to be more proactive than reactive, and to hopefully find a niche in Bioethics that is fairly neutral on politics and religion.

The home page has a link to the weblog at the bottom. Come in and take a look, maybe give suggestions.

Soon, I hope to have the Blog as the front page. (My son promised to help and to teach me) I’m still working on the related links and on the calendar of events. All information on summits, conferences, association meetings and even the rules and conditions for participation in the above and in other venues and suggestions for activism would be appreciated.

Here’s links to org’s that I hope to balance:

This is the blog run by the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics , including Glen McGee and Art Caplan.

The AJOB posts are usually anonymous and there’s a strong political bias. I do have to admit that I’ve learned about blogs from their example, though.

The attitude and focus are demonstrated by today’s post about Charles Krauthammers’ latest column

and the one from August 4th on James Dobson’s comments about Nazis

and the one about “The Women’s Bioethics Project” which is working with very big names in the bioethics and business community, specifically including those who want to “protect women’s
reproductive choices.”

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