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Greenberg’s Frankenstein Syndrome

>I’d call it the Dred Scott Syndrome. Paul Greenberg has written an editorial arguing against destructive and manipulative embryonic stem cell research and in favor of the veto by President George Bush of HR 810. The next ethical ridge to be crossed would then loom ahead: If it’s permissible to experiment on embryos destined to … Continue reading

More on ‘Science” mag “Pseudoscience”

Note: edited to correct the authors to George and Lee, not George and Cohen. Earlier today, I reported on Michael Fumento’s rebuttal to the letter in Pseudoscience Science magazine that attacked Dr. David Prentice on his support for Adult Stem Cells. Another blogger, LTI, pointed me to an op-ed by two of my favorite ethicists, … Continue reading

The grown-ups speak for the smallest humans

Two of the most brilliant ethicists in the United States have answered one of the most partisan. Robert P. George and Gilbert Meilander, in the National Review On Line, have answered Michael Gazzaniga’s New York Times discussion on embryonic stem cell research. You’ll remember that Gazzaniga’s editorial, published in the NYT last week, called for … Continue reading

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