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>Meningitis damage repaired with adult stem cells

>A 20 year old young man from Bedford, Texas was about to lose his arms and legs due to the clotting of blood in his vessels caused by meningitis but no longer. The treatment involved doctors and technicians at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Florida, Israel and the Dominican Republic, and one aunt with a computer … Continue reading

MIT adult stem cell research soap opera?

Yesterday’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology press release (“MIT bioengineer advances survival, promise of adult stem cells”)led to the story behind the story and and maybe more. Behind them all, of course is the truth that human embryos are, indeed human, and that there is not any difference between the embryo in the petri dish and … Continue reading

Healing wounds and regrowing tissue

Doctors at the Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas take care of soldiers (and sometimes civilians) who have been severely wounded or burned. I did 3 or 4 rotations at the old BAMC during medical school and residency and I was always impressed with the enthusiasm and care for the patients that all … Continue reading

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