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>Human-pig embryo approved in UK

>The “cybrid” or hybrid human-animal embryos are created in the laboratory by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation, using emptied eggs from animals and the nuclear and cellular DNA from humans.. We know that there are currently experiments on-going with the human embryos made using emptied cow eggs (more on the “ease” of making these embryos, here), … Continue reading

>Human-DNA-in-cow-egg embryo created in UK

>Scientists in the UK report that they have created an embryo using the transfer of human nuclear DNA from an embryonic human cell into the oocyte of a cow that has had the nucleus removed. These embryos are the “hybrids” or “cybrids” that we’ve been discussing for the last few years. From the Guardian: Apparently … Continue reading

>Nature Reviews Stem Cell Heart Treatments

>The journal, Nature, has published a review article, “Stem-cell therapy for cardiac disease,”about treatment of heart disease with stem cells, focusing on the many types of cells that are being used in research, including bone marrow derived stem cells and progenitors and “resident” cardiomyocyte stem cells. The latter are actually found in the heart and … Continue reading

>New York Times article on cloned humans

>The New York Times (free one time registration required) has a news piece on the Stemagen cloned human embryos, with reference to “making copies of people” and implantation of cloned embryos for reproduction. One of the men who donated the fibroblast skin cells is also the owner of Stemagen. The NYT has more on the … Continue reading

>Human embryos cloned in California

>Scientists at Stemgen, a La Jolla, California laboratory have published a report on the successful cloning of human embryos in the journal, Stem Cells. (The article is available free, due to the open access policy of the journal.) The authors are very clear: these are human embryos produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer or cloning. … Continue reading

>Myths on Myths about stem cells

>There’s a new Public Broadcasting System (your tax dollars at work) television show on “stem cells,” “Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita.” You don’t have to go any farther than the top of the home page, with its picture of a girl in a wheelchair and this quote, “Some people consider stem cell biology to … Continue reading

>Lee Silver: iPCs named due to politics

>Lee Silver, author of is someone that I’ve read about on the ‘net and about whom Robert George and Patrick Lee said, “He hides his ideology under a veneer of science.” He was the guest on Carl Zimmerman’s November 30, discussing reprogrammed skin cells. Dr. Lee is convinced that if a couple of more … Continue reading

>Yamanaka has a conscience

> “When I saw the embryo, I suddenly realized there was such a small difference between it and my daughters,” said Dr. Yamanaka. The New York Times article on Shinya Yamanaka, “Risk taking is in his genes,” (free one time registration necessary) should get the headline-writer in trouble for a sad pun. Instead, Dr. Yamanaka … Continue reading

Warnock Answers

Dame Mary Warnock has written an essay which was published in the November 29, 2007 issue of Nature, which appears to be an apologetic for her part in the establishment of the ethics of embryonic research in the United Kingdom. The bloggers at Women’s Bioethics Project speculate that she wrote in anticipation of Parliament’s review … Continue reading

>Alabama Citizens for Life Link to LifeEthics

>There’s a link to at the website of Alabama Citizens for Life. I’m flattered that their “Stem Cell Primer” quotes this blog on the division of research into destructive and non-destructive.

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