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>Daschle/Dole/Baker! Health care on the fast track -along with the entire Nation’s finance

>Right after this Yellow Brick Award ceremony, I’m thinking that it may save my life for me to learn to use Twitter and Facebook. Now. While President Obama is planning to take over the entire finance world ASAP, ABC is planning their all-day infomercial for Obama and his push – there is no “plan,” yet … Continue reading

>Trust me, I have no conscience (Again and again, and again)

>Siricou Raven, that gadfly of the prolife blogger, says I’m using scare tactics, that the NHS pays for dialysis, and that we pro-conscience doctors are afraid that ‘THE GAYS WILL DESTROY MEDICINE!!!!’ Oh, and Bush did it! Well, what do you expect of people who don’t have consciences and who are told by the Powers … Continue reading

Texas teens form pro-life club

And, it seems that the kids in Coppell, Texas (near Dallas) are only “anti-abortion” because of the undue influence of their families and churches. From the Dallas Morning News: Abortion rights advocates say it’s even harder for them to organize high school students because of the focus on abstinence. “We’re up against a movement that … Continue reading

>Medicare, IRS kill doctors by alphabet soup

>There’s this number called the “NPI.” The CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid or Can’t Manage S(tuff))mandated that any one and any corporation that bills them (for services already done, mind you) needed to add this number, the “National Provider Identifier,” by May 23 of this year. (Need I report that quite a few doctors … Continue reading

>Everyone else does it

>The American Medical Association and the American Medical Student Association are both up in arms about contact between drug companies and other vendors and doctors and medical students. And yet, no one complains when a New York Times story about the fuss contains advertising. (Free registration required — is “free” anything undue influence?) I’ve said … Continue reading

>"Expelled, The Movie" Conversation Continues

>The many Anonymice are still discussing world views on a post from last October. (In case you wondered where I’ve been: We’ve had our primary, with one hotly contested local Republican race ending in a cliff-hanger. The same seat was decided by 54 votes out of about 20,000 in 2006. This time, it looks like … Continue reading

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