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No self breast exams?

The recommendation *not* to teach exams throws the whole report into question for me. If we are changing the frequency of mammograms, should we also change the recommendation to do self exams? Won’t the first change the effectiveness of the second? In the news, the report by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. … Continue reading

>FDA goes after fraudulent cancer cures

>We were just talking about this. The Washington Post reports Neil Baker, a retired maker of truck canopies in Helena, Mont., fills about two orders a month for E-Mune through his company, Herbal Remission. It is made from bloodroot, a plant that contains sanguinarine, which has been studied for possible anti-tumor activity. He says one … Continue reading

>Wait ‘Till Next Week! (More iPS good news)

>Dr. Yamanaka of Japan, the MD who made history last week by announcing that he had been able to obtain embryo-like stem cells fom adult skin cells called fibrobalsts. On Friday, November 30, has published a new report in Nature Biotechnology telling us how he was able to skip inserting the potential cancer causing gene, … Continue reading

>UTexas: Modified virus fights stem cell cancer

>Viral gene therapy (similar to techniques used in the stem cell breakthrough last week) has been used by University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers in animal models and reported in the September 19, 2007 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. From MD Anderson: Since 2004 scientists have found that brain … Continue reading

>Liver cell regeneration and adult stem cells

>Wesley Smith posted to his own blog and to about the research out of Germany showing that patients’ own bone marrow stem cells can be stimulated to regenerate (normal) liver stem cells and then liver tissue, allowing the regrowth of enough new liver that surgeons can remove the cancer. (UK Telegraph article here, the … Continue reading

>Relapsing breast cancer

>The Cheerful Oncologist has a post about the recurrence of Elizabeth (Mrs. John) Edwards’ breast cancer. The comments from readers are wrenching — with repeated remarks that, now, the survivors are afraid that their own cancer will return. Having just gone through my mother’s cancer and death – not due to the cancer, but from … Continue reading

>Cord Blood Cells: Godsend or Gimmick?

> “There are people who are alive now who otherwise would’ve been dead if there hadn’t been a mother who donated their cord blood.” If you know me and my granddaughter Roni, you know that my answer is “Godsend.” ABC News has a video news report from Good Morning America on the current status of … Continue reading

More on HPV, mandates, and tax money

All State Medicaid programs must offer the vaccines recommended by the (Federal) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, under the Vaccines for Children program. The States don’t have to mandate the vaccine, however. Some of the docs I’ve talked to are convinced that Medicaid and uninsured patients will have an easier time accessing and affording Gardasil … Continue reading

Texas HPV Vaccine

One of my goals is to translate between the pro-life and pro-family community that has a religious background and those who do not necessarily count themselves as religious. Sometimes, it seems that’s all I do. Governor Rick Perry evidently surprised most of the world with his brave move concerning a vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus, … Continue reading

Texas Governor pulls a fast one (HPV shot)

In all the excitement about Texas becoming the first State to mandate the vaccination against a Sexually Transmitted Disesase, no one seems to have noticed that Governor Rick Perry ordered the Health Department to make it easier on parents who wish to opt out on vaccinations for their children. Parents’ Rights. The Department of State … Continue reading

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