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>Oklahoma abortion Bill survives Governor’s veto

>The Oklahoma State Legislature has overturned Governor Henry’s veto of an “omnibus” bill containing abortion regulations. (The veto is explained at the United Kingdom site of Medical News Today. Besides gives the best definition of human embryo that I’ve seen in legislation: “Human embryo” means a human organism that is derived by fertilization, parthenogenesis, cloning, … Continue reading

Colorado’s Human Life Amendment

Although Time Magazine, the Denver Post and the blogs insist on calling it the “fertilized egg rights” law, Colorado’s State Supreme Court has approved the wording for a proposed “Human Life Amendment.” The proponents of the amendment need 76,000 signatures in order to get the initiative on the November, 2008 ballot. The Chicago Tribune reporter … Continue reading

>AMA editorial on Partial Birth Abortion Ban

>I would like to respond to the Commentary by Lawrence O. Gostin, JD, “Abortion Politics: Clinical Freedom, Trust in the Judiciary, and the Autonomy of Women.” in the Journal of the American Medical Association, October 3, 2007.(behind a pay wall) Declaring that the Supreme Court’s consideration of the “respect for the dignity of human life” … Continue reading

>Privacy, politics, and medical records

>The editors and pseudoeditors of the American Journal of Bioethics blog are talking about all the people who accessed the hospital records of George Clooney after his motorcycle accident. Somehow, according to the author of the post, it’s all President Bush’s fault. In light of the news and comments on the latest iteration of SCHIP … Continue reading

>Non-destructive embryonic stem cells

>It’s all over the web (here and here, at the “” site,for instance), three separate labs have been able to reproduce embryonic stem cells by “reprogramming” adult cells from skin. Much of the commentary is like Art Caplan’s comments quoted in the first ( link above. Paraphrased, the bulk of the “mainstream remarks include, “It’s … Continue reading

AMA on Texas Advance Directive (Futile Treatment)

The AMANews magazine, a weekly print newspaper for the members of the American Medical Association, has an article in the May 14 edition, available on line now. The excerpt is free here, but full content is only available to members and paid subscribers. Since LifeEthics readers have been following the progress of the legislation and … Continue reading

Do No Harm 101 (Wesley Smith, Catholic Bishops and Futile Care)

Wesley Smith is covering Texas’ legislature’s debate over our Advance Directive Act. Yesterday, he accused the 24 Bishops of Texas of practicing “Futile Care Theory,” which he defines as the decision to limit care by anyone other than a family member or patient. (In other words, here, he says that Terri Schiavo was not a … Continue reading

>More Complaints About Texas Legislator

>A blogger over at the Daily Kos is complaining about the Texas State Affairs meeting on HB 225. The complaint is that people with disabilities had to wait until the early morning to testify. There’s more comments at the South Texas Chisme: Sneaky Republicans ban stem cell research funding” (See the problem with the headline? … Continue reading

>"Sneaky" Texas Legislator

>Perhaps this article, written by an Associated Press writer, should be receive the Yellow Brick Award. (Should I put “copyrighted” here? No, there’s others, although most – like the award for finishing the obstacle course at Quantico – are awards for achieving the impossible, not for misdirection.) Someone is practicing distraction and projection by calling … Continue reading

>Money for Babies?

>There is a gut reaction, what Dr. Leon Kass has called a “yuck” factor, to the idea that a mother would trade her child for money, however the idea is framed. ABC news picked up another news item, this time from my hometown. Our local Chamber of Commerce owns the copyright to the title of … Continue reading

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