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>Doctors, Abortion and Conscience

>The debate on medical ethics has definitely moved from “Our Bodies, Our Choice,” to “My Choice, You Don’t Have a Choice.” Autonomy, the “I want” ethics, trumps the right to life, the right to liberty and the physician’s duty to do no harm. Where once laws were written to punish doctors who harmed patients, doctors … Continue reading

>Review: What we know about stem cells

>The Journal, Stem Cells, has published a free open access article about those cells that become the different blood cells, including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, entitled “Concise Review: Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Tissue Stem Cells: Current Concepts and Unanswered Questions” by Donald Metcalf, MD, of Australia. An interesting point from this … Continue reading

>Medical Ethics and the Holocaust Lecture Series

>The Holocaust Museum of Houston and the University of Texas at Houston are sponsoring a lecture series, “Medical Ethics and the Holocaust.” I’m not sure of the procedure, but there is information at the website on watching the lectures, live, on the Internet.

>Prolonged culture of embryos, stem cells and more Free Stuff

>This week’s (June 27) “Advance Online Publication” contains two “Letters” describing the production of embryonic stem cells from “epiblast” cells, one in mice and rats, one focusing on mice. Full content is restricted to subscription-only, but you can listen to a discussion about the studies on the free podcast from Nature, here, and the … Continue reading

>"Should Science Speak to Faith?"

>That free Scientific American issue also contains a dialog between two scientists on faith, religion and the scientific community. Laurence M. Krauss and Richard Dawkins discuss their different views on engaging in “seducing” people of faith. (“Teaching is seduction.” “No one appreciates a dishonest seducer.”) Gentlemen, the main point you should understand is that those … Continue reading

>Free Scientific American issue

>2 days only, through June 30th, the new Scientific American magazine is available for download online, here. This month’s issue invites us to learn all about how humans are making global warming, about the possible effects on hurricanes, which could get stronger, how memories are laid down in the human brain, how cats evolved, and … Continue reading

>Free Access Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

>If you’d like to learn how little you know (except you, Rebecca of Mary Meets Dolly), Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology is offering free access this month, with free registration. The free registration itself is valuable – because you’ll be able to access some of the news@nature items and receive Tables of Contents of many … Continue reading

Drug company gifts – corruption of medical judgment and education?

[Edit note April 21, 2007 – spelling in the title and “labels”] I don’t know about the rest of you, but while it’s possible that I can be bought, it’s not for the price of a free pen or a lunch. I pay $100 extra for my subscription to Contraception because I won’t sign off … Continue reading

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