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Gynecology and Obstetrics Policy makers respond to doctors on conscience

It appears that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and ABOG (the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists may be about to abort their efforts to change laws concerning conscientious refusal in Washington. It remains to be seen whether they will deliver on their promise to support — without limits – the Conscientious Refusal … Continue reading

>Designated Donations (Saving black girls from punishment)

>There’s no way to avoid the politics if I’m going to comment on these two stories. First, here’s a link to the audio recordings of Planned Parenthood employees, agree will be earmarked to decrease the number of “African Americans” or a “black baby.” The employees include the Vice President of Development of the New Mexico … Continue reading

>Conservative vs. Progressive (no adjectives)

>Once again, we’re reminded about the great gulf between perception and reality (just look at the repetition of the names of authors whose ethics comments are published in the “mainstream” science and bioethics journals and explore the political and religious viewpoints of those authors and editors), between the idea that all humans are people possessing … Continue reading

>Enough: ultrasounds, abortion, women and blood

>While calling us “anti-choice,” some “pro-choice” men and women are beginning to look at the true nature of what is being chosen. They’re noticing that we who oppose abortion are more likely to accept the woman with an unwanted pregnancy and championing the laws that make adoption and parenting a true choice. They’re noticing that … Continue reading

>Money for Babies?

>There is a gut reaction, what Dr. Leon Kass has called a “yuck” factor, to the idea that a mother would trade her child for money, however the idea is framed. ABC news picked up another news item, this time from my hometown. Our local Chamber of Commerce owns the copyright to the title of … Continue reading

Debate On Ethics

After several days of discussion about a baby that Texas lawyer Jerri Ward asked Wesley Smith to blog about on Secondhand Smoke, I have been asked “How can you be a doctor and not know this about what passes for ethics nowadays?” Because I have a different understanding “about what passes for ethics nowadays.” I … Continue reading

Feminists For Life History

I wrote about Serrin Foster’s article on National Review Online, yesterday. Be sure and click through to the actual op-ed and to the Feminists for Life website. (Especially the “Covetable Stuff”!) The actual founders of F4L were two women, Catherine Callaghan, Ph.D. and Pat Goltz. Like many of us in the ’70’s and ’80’s, these … Continue reading

Feminists For Life op-ed on National Review Online

Serrin Foster, whose latest essay is published on National Review Online, is one couragious woman. She is the President of Feminists for Life, which some people are absolutely convinced is an oxymoron. No, it’s not. At the least, half of all the human beings that are killed by abortion are female. In some of the … Continue reading

What’s the connection for NYT and Plan B

I wish I were a better detective. Tuesday, I had to spend a couple of hours in the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, so I did something I don’t usually do: I read a real, dead-tree newspaper. The NYT flashed an above-the-fold front page article and an editorial on FDA regulation of a single … Continue reading

FDA Chief Resigns Over Plan B

FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health, Susan Wood, says she can’t remain at the Agency because of the refusal to change the status of the drug protocol, “Plan B” often called the “morning after pill.” The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation’s daily news reports the fuss. I agree with the former Commissioner, she should not be … Continue reading

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